Bereavement coaching

Bereavement counseling/coaching – for anyone that is seeking help to manage and get through the tough times and stages of the grieving process due to a loss of a loved one – family, friend or pet. We have individual counselors available 24/7. Inspiration, support, encouragement and a listening ear.

group sessions

Group sessions – for individuals who are open to working through the bereavement stages in a group setting. We have weekly sessions available. Relate with others in a common, non-judgmental safe-zone for individuals to gain support from a facilitator and the group.

Life Coaching

Life coaching – for youth, young adults and adults who are looking for mentorship, support, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially, and/or relationally with family or individual matters. This also would include, but not be limited to: drug, substance and alcohol abuse, teen support, bullying, emotional trauma, and suicide. To have the support of someone who will help, guide, encourage them while holding them accountable to make better choices.

depression counseling

Depression counseling – Depression can negatively impact a person’s daily life. From feelings of sadness, to anger, lost, or without hope – it is the purpose of DEBS Life Coaching to provide an independent and unique approach to dealing with depression. We believe that everyone and every case is different. It is our hope to team up with the individual and help them to find the root of their problems through self discovery. Although medications may be needed in some cases, we are certainly not physicians and we would hope that you would seek medical advice if needed. Our approach is to face realities instead of medications.

Handicap support

Handicap Services – providing companionship, emotional and informational support for someone facing handicap

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