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From death to life...

  I found myself at a young age looking up to my parents and wanting to follow in their footsteps and find the perfect someone like my parents had found each other. 1997 was a fabulous year and my dreams came true. I met a wonderful young lady named Deb and we fell in love and got married. We were the perfect couple – I found myself working in the ribbon mill and she was a nurse’s aid at the local hospital. Everything seemed to be perfect until my wife’s health started to fail and she had to be admitted into the hospital due to complications with diabetes. The help that she had given daily to others while serving in the hospital, she began needing herself. She was moved to a nursing home for rehabilitation after her leg was amputated and it was there that my life was turned upside down.


   My wife contracted COVID. I was devastated. It wasn’t long after this diagnosis that I lost the love of my life. It was my hope that my wife would return home and that we would live life with some semblance of normalcy. This never happened. Most would think at this point of giving up. However, this is just the beginning of my story. The next day, my brother informed me that our mother had passed away in a nursing home. Now I was faced with 2 deaths, less than 24 hours apart of the two most important women in my life. I needed help, so I sought God, counseling, coaching, mentoring and guidance. Within a short period of time, I started to gain my faculties. Then I was hit with another blow – within 90 days of the death of my wife and mother, now I was faced with the death of my father who went in the hospital with a grieving heart and he himself also contracted COVID and passed away.

Why I began DEBS.

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My story is my story. I believe all of my family members are in a better place. Therefore, I have hope and I want to be able to give back what has been given to me and turn all of the losses around in my life for others to gain hope as well. I believe my “why” in life is to serve and help others who are also going through similar situations like myself. From death to life.


It is my hope that I can help enough people to get through their losses from my story and in turn they can regain their life. My life’s purpose is to help others and in the process my life will be restored and fulfilled as well.

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"It is my hope that I can help enough people to get through their losses from my story and in turn they can regain their life. " -James